You may download a 30 days' evaluation version that provides you a maximum of 3 mailboxes.

Please note that the default postmaster login password is "postmaster".

If you are using Windows 95 version 950, 950A and 950B, please download MS Winsock 2 for Windows 95 and Dcom95 to update your system before installing Jmail Pro. We strongly recommend that you obtain the latest service pack release for Windows 95 to ensure compatibility with future releases of JMail.

If you are using Windows NT, please update your installation with SERVICE PACK 5.

MS DUN 2.0 is an optional download. We recommend that you use the latest version of DUN for Jmail with Windows 95.

If this error message appears during installation/upgrade to JMail version

The JMail.exe file is linked to missing export COMCTL32.DLL:ImageList_DrawIndirect.

You need to perform one of the following tasks:

Windows 95/98 Users: Download the file, extract the files and run the file named 'comupd.exe'. You need to restart the system after the update process is completed. Next, reinstall JMail.

Windows NT 4.0 Users: You MUST have NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or higher installed in order to use JMail Do NOT use the patch to correct this problem.

JMail Pro Zipped Installation
JMail Zipped Installation
JMail Pro readme file
To Allow Streamyx Customer to Send Outbound Email via Port 587
Required to Run the Port Forwarding Service If Your computer Do Not Have MS XML.
MS Winsock 2 for Windows 95
MS Dialup Networking 1.3 (DUN 2) for Windows 95
Common Control (ComCtl32) Update for Windows
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 1
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 2
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 3
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 4
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 5
Kaspersky AV for JMail Pro - Disk 6

If you find problems downloading, you may use our FTP server at


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