Register Domain Name, UUCP Account and Optain Domain POP Plus Pack

JMail can support UUCP or Domain POP email system. In Malaysia, JARING is the only ISP providing UUCP Account. For JARING corporate customer, you can register UUCP account with JARING. Customer who are using other ISP (ie. Streamyx, TMnet Dialup or ISDN, Timenet etc.) is better to use Domain POP as your email gateway.

1. Contact JARING or JARING Service Outlet (JSO) or Netview Sdn Bhd.

2. Request to register coporate dialup account with UUCP as mail system.

3. Remember to provide Company Form 9 or 13 and Photo Copy IC of the Contact Person.

4. You will optain a email address as The xxxxx is the user name which you can create by yourself. The yyy is the login ID which is 3 to 7 charecters and can not be change.

5. If you need to change the email to you need to inform them at this moment. JARING will help you to apply the domain name from Mynic.

6. Optain the UUCP server name, login ID and password to use for setup JMail.

If you are using Streamyx, TMnet dialup or ISDN or ISP connection other than JARING, you will have problem to use JARING's SMTP Server or the ISP's SMTP server to send out email. In this case, Domain POP Plus Pack will be your solution.

1. Send email to

2. In the email, provide Your Name, Company Name,Address, Tel. No., Fax. No., your return email address, and Domain Name you wish to apply and wait for our reply.

3. We will send you the Invoice. Please follow the instruction in the Invoice. The price for Domain POP Plus Pack is RM400 per year which including Domain Name Hosting.


1. Each email for UUCP is limited to 3 MB and DPPP is 20MB.

2. Each time you check mail via UUCP, your account will charge 2.5 cents/min. DPPP is RM400 a year only.

3. If you are using ISP other then JARING, you will have problem to send mail if you are using UUCP.

4. UUCP only able to have as email address. DPPP can have any domain name as email address (ie: .com, .net, .cc, .us, etc.)


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